Tuesday, June 27, 2017

US Threatens Massive Bombing Campaign Against Syria, Iran and Russia

What a typical Syrian city looks like after six years of attacks by the Armies of the Rothschilds
Wow, what a coincidence! The Syrian Army has been making good gains against the Rothschilds terrorist armies, like ISIS, Daesh, al Sham and whatever the Hell other phony names these terrorist thugs have been blessed by the (((MSM))) and Shadow President Kushner has just returned from visiting his dear friend, Israeli CRIME MINISTER and wanted war criminal Netenyahu, and then the WH makes this absurd threat:
US official vows Russia & Iran ‘are responsible’ if Assad launches chemical weapons attack

THE US ambassador to the United Nations has declared that any chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government on his own citizens will also be blamed on the Russia and Iran.

Nikki Haley said on Twitter: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” Her comments came as the White House revealed it had identified potential preparations by Assad’s regime for another chemical weapons attack on its people.

The US military believes the preparations are similar to those made before the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Syria – a claim Assad’s government has repeatedly denied. The White House statement said: “The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including children.

“As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS]. [Ha-ha-ha]

“If, however, Mr Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”
Blamed on Russia and IRAN? The foaming at the mouth Zionists, NeoCONs and their Yid Overlords just showed their hand; the real target is Iran.
With Israel already attacking the Syrian Army from the STOLEN Golan Heights, and the US training thousands of terrorist thugs in and around al Tanf, looks like the Armies of the Rothschilds are preparing for a Big Push/Slaughter of Syrians.

Petition: Revoke Kushner’s Clearance...send this carpet-bagging slumlord packing

The Bush-Cheney Junta, the sordid and despicable traitor Obama and his fellow-travelers and now Herr Trump and his odd collection of Jews, Israeli's and American traitors are ALL War Criminals. Wonder if they know what happens to WAR CRIMINALS?
Why the rush? Because the (((jackals))) running the Central Banks fiat currency fraud are running on fumes. The EU is rushing in to bail out Italian banks, and the whole slimy mess is about to implode, so the neoCONs, Zionists and their Israeli Overlords know they need to finish off Syria before their world-wide Ponzi schemes come crashing down, making the Crash of 2008 seem like a picnic.

Monday, June 26, 2017

"Are You a Zionist Whore? Your Senate and House Members Are"

Poll: Most Americans Aren’t Zionists But Democratic and Republican Party Platforms Are

An unprecedented poll reveals the gaping void between American identification with Israel and the official positions taken by both major political parties.
A majority of American adults – 70.3 percent – do not consider themselves Zionists when defined as “A Zionist is a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.” Only 24.9 percent say, “I consider myself a Zionist” while 4.8% provided other responses.

The IRmep poll was fielded by Google Consumer Surveys June 15-18 to a representative sample of 1,030 American adult Internet users.
In contrast to their constituents, members of both major US political parties have long operated under overwhelmingly Zionist party platforms. The 2016 Democratic party platform references Israel 9 times. Republican party platform 19. They differ little on the key issues:
Other recent polling reveals the enormous divide between the views of Americans and the actions taken by their members of Congress. Americans are strongly opposed to massive, disproportionate, unconditional US foreign aid to Israel. They want Congress to consider Israel’s status as the region’s sole nuclear power. They would renegotiate or cancel the lopsided 1985 trade deal. They oppose relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, as well as the policy of “no-daylight” US coordination with Israel.
Yet most members of Congress strongly support these initiatives, including recent formal condemnations of the United Nations as inherently “anti-Israel” and ongoing attempts to outlaw grassroots boycotts of Israel over its endemic human rights abuses.

What maintains the immense void between the views of most Americans and their elected representatives? The Israel lobby.
"What maintains the immense void between the views of most Americans and their elected representatives? The Israel lobby." And lots and lots of money. It's a sweet deal for these parasitic racketeers, they get free money, OUR money, from Congress--plus lots of loot from their control of our financial system, thru the FED--then turn around and use some of that money to bribe Congress. Those that don't succumb, will be blackmailed with the threat of releasing some damning video of their perv lifestyle, so that in the end, damn near ALL of Congress bows before Apartheid Israel.

Some of have been sucking AIPAC for so long, their brain has become infected with some kind of parasitic organism and they actually think they are some kind of Israeli, bound by loyalty to defend 'Stolenland' at all costs.

Owning damn near all of the MSM also helps.
Who Occupies Whom in Israel-Palestine? Don’t Ask an American

A new poll published by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, shows that a plurality of Americans misunderstand a fundamental fact about the Middle East. Specifically, a statistically representative sample of Americans and three other nationalities were asked a simple question about Israel and Palestine. The wording of the question and the results are shown below:

Sunday, June 25, 2017

There is Only ONE Political Party in the USA, The Wars for Wall Street and Israel Party

One of the BIGGEST LIES Around is that the USA has Two Different Party's, the Dems and Repubs, but that is Laughable.

Both lavish money on the Pentagon, even though that outfit has stolen, oops 'lost' at least 9 trillion in the last twenty years, and neither utters a word about investigating that stolen loot. Both lavish money and weapons on Israel and both sound like a flock of parrots-- "Squawk, Israel has a right to defend itself, Squawk"--whenever Israel goes on a bombing rampage against Gaza.
Neither pay any attention to Wall Street's plundering, until the con artists steals so much money that the economy collapses and then they're all tears, promising to do a better job of oversight, until it happens again.

The Dems gave us the rapacious Obamacare, which has fractured many a household budget and the Repubs want to make it worse with their version of 'Loot the People'. Both versions benefit the insurance and Big Pharma companies, not We the People.
Neither have any problem with the FED carnivores, who keep inflating the USD to oblivion, while letting those jackals pay a measly 1/5 of ONE PERCENT to our savings accounts, while those TBTF Wall Street banks get to borrow huge sums of money at basically zero percent interest rate, which they use to pay off bad bets and buy back stock to increase their profits while people wonder where in the Hell is the rent money going to come from.
Both vote for these endless, illegal wars, which benefit no one except Wall Street and Israel, so let's dispense with the outdated notion of two party's. The side issues, like abortion, the PHONY transgender BS and guns, are just distractions to keep us peons snapping and snarling at each other while BOTH party's keep open the Treasury gates to the Wall Street looters and our troops keep destroying ME nations for the glory of Apartheid Israel and Wall Street investors.

And NEITHER party wants to look any deeper into the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, repeating endlessly talking points about radical Islamist's when it's actually crazier than a shithouse rat Talmudists that is leading the world to destruction.

From an April 2003 Haaretz article.
The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
So let's call this insanity what it really is, "The Wars for Wall Street and Israel party," that has two wings; the Democrats and Republicans.

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